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What are the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow typical pain map

Tennis Elbow - Symptoms

The onset of tennis elbow pain is normally gradual with tenderness or a dull ache felt in the tendons of your forearm muscles on or below the bony bumps on your elbow.

If you have tennis elbow, you will feel pain or discomfort when performing repetitive movements such as grasping, carrying objects (a tray, a baby or books), or twisting with your hands or wrists.

Pain can also be experienced when your wrist or hand are straightened, when your palms are facing the ceiling, when you flex your wrist and fingers backwards while straightening your elbow, or when you rest your wrists on a tabletop or desk.

Pain will start on and around the bump on the outside of your elbow (lateral epicondyle). As time goes on this pain will start to radiate from the outside of your elbow down to your forearm and wrists.

When Should I Seek Medical Attention?

We always recommend you seek out your physician to confirm the nature and severity of any injury. Continued discomfort in your elbow should be investigated, as it can lead to long term damage. If you experience any of the symptoms below then talk to your physician and see if our conservative treatments are right for you. Common Symptoms of epicondylitis are as follows:

  • You are unable to carry objects, participate in activities or work due to the pain
  • You have limited range of motion and are unable to bend, straighten or move your arm at all
  • You are experiencing redness, heat or swelling in your elbow (swelling rarely occurs with tennis elbow, however it may indicate another condition)
  • Your elbow looks deformed or you have significant bruising around that area
  • You've experienced a traumatic accident and may have broken a bone
  • You experience elbow pain that occurs at night while resting or persists beyond a few days
  • Any other unusual symptoms involving weakness or pain from the shoulder to the hand
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